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One of 4 lot models on sale now!

Meet Our Best Sellers


The Tarheel 32x76


The Ironclad 32x60


The Carolina Pines


The Ironclad Hatteras 32x76


The Prime 5 Bedroom

The Garner h (28)

The Garner

Now Selling Park Models and Duplexes!

Your one and only Duplex Dealer in the Southeastern US! 

Park Models

Rental Properties!

Vacation Home!

Extended Stay!


Retirement Living!

Mother-in-law suite!

Guest Housing!

Hunting or Fishing Cabins!

Tiny Home Living!


Duplexes offer versatile living arrangements. Here are some recommendations:

1. Investment Property: Rent out one unit while living in the other to help cover the mortgage.

2. Multi-Generational Living: Ideal for families who want to live close but still maintain some independence.

3. Home Office: Use one unit as a workspace while living in the other for a healthy work-life balance.

4. Short-term Rentals: Airbnb or other short-term rental platforms can generate additional income.

5. House Hacking: Rent out both units and live elsewhere, essentially having tenants pay the mortgage.

6. Co-Housing: Share a duplex with friends or like-minded individuals for communal living.

7. Home and Income: Rent out both units and use the rental income to supplement your lifestyle.

8. Vacation Home: Use one unit as your vacation getaway and rent out the other when not in use.

2024 Buyers, Thank you!

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